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  • A comprehensive guide on the multi-level government disaster management system that operates during emergencies.
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  • Duration : 30 minutes.
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GDC FieldOps Fellowship is a national programme to educate individuals about various government systems involved in disaster management and empower them with basic knowledge and skills to safeguard our communities during times of crisis and uncertainty like disaster/pandemic.

- IPCC Climate Change Report 2023

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Prepare for El Niño

“The world should prepare for the development of El Niño, which is often associated with increased heat, drought or rainfall in different parts of the world”

-Prof. Taalas. (Secretary-General, WMO)

As per the new update from World Meteorological Organization, the likelihood of El Niño developing later this year is increasing, and it can cause impact on weather and climate patterns.

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Our comprehensive course is designed to create awareness and understanding about the various government systems pertaining to disaster management, equipping you with the tools to play an active role in disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.

Introducing the GDC FieldOps

Climate Change isn't just a buzzword - it's an urgent call for action. But have you ever wondered how governments and communities gear up to face the climate-induced storms? Community Response Network 101 is a 30 mins self-paced learning course that intends to create awareness about India's Disaster Management System and how they coordinate efforts during a national emergency.

Why is this course important?

Climate Change shall cause many disasters in the near future. Individuals who are aware of how government systems work are empowered to both help themselves and can also volunteer to help society recover faster during a disaster.

Through this course, whenever a national emergency arises, you shall know how our government will manage that emergency and how you can contribute to solving the crisis or where to seek help.

The knowledge in this course shall enable a learner to develop the Graduate Attribute/Quality of "Environmental Awareness and Action" prescribed by UGC as an important attribute for holistic development of a student.

Who can Join?

Anyone aged 18 and above, from all domains, are welcome to take this course.

Our school system often overlooks the most critical knowledge on disaster management, which holds high importance for individuals throughout their lives.

Given the rapid changes in climatic conditions, we anticipate an increase in natural catastrophes that could result in significant losses of life and property. By acquiring the knowledge from this course, you will be better equipped to support your loved ones and community in their mitigation efforts.

Certificate of Completion

Yes (only for Community Responder 101 - 30 minute course)

Course Fee

Free of cost

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Sanjay Vijayakumar

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Full Scholarship

This program has been crafted by a dynamic team of individuals from numerous companies. Donor Funding from Schmidt Futures and Facebook (India) has been instrumental in bringing this initiative to life.

The donor funding enables us to offer the course to you for free.

Community Responder 101 Course Highlights.

  • Gain insights into the government systems managing disasters in India.
  • Learn about the National Disaster Management Act and its key provisions.
  • Discover the role of local self-government in disaster response.
  • Explore the three-tier healthcare system and its importance during disasters.
  • Understand the structure of the police and their role in disaster management.
  • Learn from real-life case studies and examples, including the response to COVID-19.

Graduate Attribute: Environmental Awareness and Action

In the realm of higher education, graduate attributes stand as the compass guiding students toward success in both their professional and personal lives. These attributes encompass a blend of essential qualities, skills, and knowledge, shaping individuals for the challenges of the 21st century.

In alignment with India's visionary National Educational Policy of 2020, this course is your pathway to nurturing one of the 18 pivotal attributes deemed vital for the modern age.

This course empowers you with the essential graduate attribute of "Environmental Awareness and Action."

Become a part of GDC FieldOps Disaster Management Cadre.

Your mission is to learn how our nation manages a disaster so that when the next disaster strikes, you already know whom to reach out to for help and/or can contribute to strengthening the capabilities of our governmental system.

Post completion of the course, interested individuals can become part of the GDC FieldOps Disaster Management Cadre and can volunteer to contribute at times of emergencies.

Fundamental Duty to the nation 🇮🇳

Article 51-A of the Indian constitution outlines the fundamental duties of every citizen of India, including to defend the country and render national service when called upon to do so; As part of the GDC FieldOps Disaster Management Cadre, you can volunteer and offer service to the nation at times of emergencies with the skill and knowledge that you gain from this course.

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